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  • Category: Web
  • Name: School Report Management

School Report Management

We understand you are surrounded with lots of data and to make this data meaningful you need a strong reporting tool to pull various types of reports which can help you in planning and decision making with winning strategies. WeaveAround has strong report pulling engine and help you get all kinds of reports. Below are few areas covered under School Report Management as our standard offering and you might be interested in knowing the details-

- Fees Reports based on due dates, collection dates, Annual collections & Discount gives you all needed details.
- Attendance Reports help you know overall attendance statistics of all students.
- Android login reports helps you get statistics of overall engagment of Parents.
- SMS reports give you all details related to SMS sent on any particular date.
- Enquiry Reports related to new admissions makes it easy to manage admissions.
- Cash Book Report shows overall cashflow in a month and helps you in financial planning.
- Android Chat Report shows all chat messages for classes and help you to be in touch with all Students & Teachers.
- Automatic generation of annual result sheet/greensheet.