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  • Category: Web/App
  • Name: School Marks Management

School Marks Management

Calculating grades, total marks, percentages is a tedious task and more importantly entering all the figures in Marksheets and calulating ranks is always a nightmare for School Staff but all this can be easily managed using our School Marks Management System. Below are few areas covered under School Marks Management as our standard offering and you might be interested in knowing the details-

- You can configure in the system maximum & minimum marks along with various grade criteria.
- Upload Marks and let the system calculate everything for you like percentages, grades, totals and results.
- Marksheets are available for Parents on our mobile app and also they get to see performance data in a graphical manner.
- Automatic SMS is sent to parents with results and percentages.
- Marks & Performance reports are generated for helping you to have a quick look on students performance.