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  • Name: School Bus Tracking

School Bus Tracking

A smooth transport logistics always help you have a smile on your face because you always know in which cornor of the city buses are doing pick/drop. For Parents also it is of great help because they know in advance the location of bus which is coming to pick/drop their ward(s) and they do not have to wait for several minutes due to our Live Bus Tracking System. Below are few areas covered under School SMS Integration as our standard offering and you might be interested in knowing the details-

- Configure all Buses in the system and rest all is taken care by our Live Bus Tracking System.
- At anytime you can see all the bus locations on city map which is well integrated.
- Parents can see anytime live location of bus on mobile app and can save time by not waiting at stop for several minutes.
- Do not need any special GPS device in bus, just a smart phone with driver is enough.