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  • Category: Web/App
  • Name: School Student & Teacher Attendance

School Student & Teacher Attendance

Maintaining Attendance data has always been a huge task for School, specially when it comes to calculate attendance percentages or Salary computations based on leaves or overtime. Our Attendance Management System helps you to accurately maintain and get all needed data. Below are few areas covered under Attendance Management as our standard offering and you might be interested in knowing the details-

- Daily maintainence of Attendance register online for Students & Teachers.
- Helps in notifying Parents by sending automated SMS when a student is absent.
- Attendance System is linked with Calendar and automatically marks off day when there is a holiday.
- Keeps Parents informed by showing list of absent days for their ward(s) on mobile application.
- Consolidated Attendance Register helps teachers to view entire month attendance data at a glance.
- Report generation based on absent percentage to get a quick view of how many students have low attendance.
- Consolidated Attendance for entire year or Monthly attendace data can also be pulled in Marksheet.
- Attendance System can also be linked with various biometric machines.