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  • Name: School SMS Integration

School SMS Integration

Quick notification to Parents become difficult at times specially when notifications are targeted to any class and managing groups manually on a third party site is not easy as you have to keep it updated with new admissions and TC. But WeaveAround helps you to be free from all these manual work by automatically managing all these groups for you and providing SMS facility as a built-in feature. Below are few areas covered under School SMS Integration as our standard offering and you might be interested in knowing the details-

- SMS Inegration within School Management Software makes its very easy to quickly send SMS.
- Huge number of SMS comes as part of our subscription and you can easily keep track of SMS usage.
- We have a strong 24/7 support team who will never let you down & within few minutes you can get extra SMS if needed.
- Automatic SMS facility to send SMS to Parents on payment of fees, absent in attendance, birthday wishes & result declaration.
- Quick SMS report to show you delivery status of SMS sent to parents.